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What is the American Institute?

Thank you for your interest in the American Institute.  

As an online college we are able to provide you with some of the best scholars in a variety of disciples ranging from language to culture, history, theology, archeology and geography. Although the institute enjoys a high level of scholastic prowess it does not neglect the importance of the Holy Spirit in the life of each student and therefore endeavors to teach to both the mind as well as the heart. 

AI, through its lectures seeks to join the academic tradition with the dynamics of the Spirit-filled Judeo-Christian life. This combined approach has led many students to enter and succeed in both pastoral and missional work throughout the world over. 

Online Learning

The American Institute’s online program offers you the flexibility to study at your own pace, from your home or office, while retaining a level of structure that will help you stay on track toward achieving your educational goals. You will receive a quality education – that is both flexible and affordable – from an accredited institution.  AI is a college dedicated to teaching theology from the culture, linguistic and ethnic origin of the most sacred text ever known– the Bible.  

Since 1984, AI’s mission as a college of theology has been to provide a world-class educational experience with a solid Hebraic foundation. We provide the same quality course offerings online as other residential campuses. As a small private, nonprofit college, we can stand by you as you grow in your career and faith. 

What is on offer?

We offer: 

  1.  Associates, Bachelors and Master’s degree programs for qualifying students 
  2. 100% online courses 
  3. Affordable tuition and rates 

How do I sign up?

If you would be so inclined to attend the American Institute please purchase this registration module.  The registration cost for the college is $50.00 with each course costing $200.00, each course completed provides a 3 hour credit to your transcript.

The next steps will be detailed in the registration module.

Thank you, 

Dr. Scott Stewart 


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What's included?

1 Video
3 Texts
Scott Stewart
Scott Stewart

About the instructor

Scott Stewart holds both a BA and MA in Middle Eastern History and a PhD in Hebraic Studies, specializing in Biblical Hebrew. Additionally he has a diploma from Agape School of World Evangelism. Dr. Stewart was inducted into the Oxford Society of Scholars in 2013.

Dr. Stewart served on the mission field for over 26 years, where he and his wife Loretta started 11 churches and one Bible School, in eight different countries.  Dr. Stewart speaks six different languages.

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